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Bar Couplers - Bristol, Somerset - KB Reinforcements Ltd -  Bar Couplers

Reinforcing bar couplers from KB Reinforcements

Couplers provide a fast and simple method for joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place. Here at KB Reinforcements, we supply two types of bar couplers: MBT bolted couplers and tapered thread couplers.

Made by Ancon, these steel couplers can be used to join plain round or deformed reinforcing bars. Available in a variety of diameter sizes from 10mm to 50mm, with the tapered thread system fully approved by UK CARES.

Click to view the Tapered thread coupler and MBT coupler brochures.

Our range of bolted MBT and tapered thread bar couplers include:

  • ET series bolted couplers - joining same-size bars
  • Transition series bolted couplers - joining different diameter bars
  • Continuity series bolted couplers
  • Standard series tapered thread couplers
  • Positional series tapered thread couplers
  • Transitional series tapered thread couplers

Looking for steel couplers? Call our team today on 01626 240 644.

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